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2003-11-25 @ 10:39 a.m.

Our hearts beat fast

Our hands can't help but shake while holding a glass

Trying to see it half full

Yet it's still half empty and the ice is starting to melt

Nothing stays anymore

And while some are able to drink their optimism or take two with water

We can't lie to ourselves so easily

Sure we try to adapt but when you feel winter before July has a chance to arrive

Well, it's hard

And we trace our sorrows with blades in our skin

The body is a canvas where blood is the ink

And we draw the prettiest pictures in ruby rapture

It's our sweetness, our thrill, our feel-good revolution

Maybe it's wrong

Maybe life should be more than resisiting gravity and the force pulling us into the future

I know there's joy and love and hope out there for us

It's just so much easier to be sad

To scribble my trite poetry and pretend that no one cares

But maybe they do

This coma just feels so good

It's all an equation

High school mathematics where we need to balance our suffering with pleasure

And X will come out equaling what we all really need

A chance

Yeah our minds are doubtful

Our legs tremble while trying to stand without crutches of depression

But I guess if we try life and fail we'll have some story to tell our children when they do the same- "at least I tried"

This is for the kids who live in heartbreak

This is for the kids who's parents don't understand

This is for the kids who would change it if they could

This is for you.

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